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Water, Sewer & Storm

JAT Construction Co., Inc. has over forty (40) years experience in the complete installation of water main systems, sanitary sewer systems and storm sewer systems. Our company provides both traditional “open-cut” and trenchless technologies ( i.e. directional drilling, pipe bursting, jack & bore, etc. ) methods to install the piping depending on the owners requests and actual field conditions. JAT has experience in the installation of all types of piping including ductile iron, PVC, copper,  HDPE, fusable PVC, welded steel, corrugated metal pipe, cast iron pipe, concrete pipe and box culvert. Whether it be a 3/4in. copper water service or a 14ft. box culvert, JAT always attacks the job safely and with the experience you can trust.

  • Transmission mains
  • Storm tech systems
  • Cast-in-Place Manholes
  • Fire main installations
  • Water main installations
  • Sewer main installations
  • Storm drainage system installations
  • Water and sewer lateral installations
  • Open cut or directional drilling services
  • Box culvert and large diameter pipe installations
  • Concrete manhole and structure installations
  • HDPE piping, PVC, ductile iron, steel piping, fusable PVC, cast iron piping
  • ISNET World member
  • On call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
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