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Hydrovac Excavation

In 2021 JAT Construction has expanded our service offering to include Hydrovac Excavation. Our Hydrovac Excavation services are designed to locate and expose existing utilities, and structures safely and quickly throughout all of Upstate NY (Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga, Glens Falls, and more)

What is Hydrovac Excavation

Hydrovac Excavation is a safe, non-destructive method of using high-pressurized water and vacuum systems to move or remove soil on a construction site. This eco-friendly, non-mechanical method of digging is more accurate vs. traditional methods lessoning the chance of damage to surrounding pipes & underground utilities. Hydro Excavation is also safer for operators and citizens nearby and overall better for the environment.

How Hydrovac Excavation Works

Hydro excavation is performed with specialized equipment that combine high-pressure water and vacuums. Equipment systems breaks up the soil then vacuum lifts debris from the excavation site to a holding tank.

  • Locate and expose existing utilities, structures, and hazards safely and quickly
  • Improved safety
  • A more accurate way to dig, better results
  • No damage to underground pipes, lines, cables
  • Eco-friendly, chemical-free, less invasive to nature
  • Faster excavation with less manpower
  • Cleaner job sites, less disruption
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