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Gas Mains & Utility

JAT Construction Co.,Inc. is certified through the National Gas Association ( NGA ) for gas work. Also, JAT Construction is a member of ISNET and our employees are NCCER Operator Qualified and are certified in Confined Space and OSHA 10 along with many other certifications. Our crews have been installing telecommunication systems, electrical duct banks and manholes, gas mains & services since 1976. We specialize in fiber optic installations, manhole rebuilds, cable pulling, duct encasements, rod & roping, duct obstructions, pre-cast manhole installations, transformer pad installations, ground grid installations and boring.

  • Operator Qualified
  • HDPE fusing certified
  • Manhole┬áinstallations
  • Concrete encasements
  • Fiber optic installations
  • Directional drilling of conduits
  • Cast-in-Place Manhole rebuilds
  • Gas main and service installations
  • Telecommunication┬áinstallations
  • Electrical conduit┬áinstallations
  • Cable pulling, duct rodding, duct obstruction work
  • NGA member and certified
  • ISNET World member
  • On call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
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